Posted on October 13th, 2006. Posted In Software Review

Ok, given the fact that I’m not in the forming field, my review is going to be pretty basic.

I tried out BLANKWORKS yesterday afternoon and, to be honest, I’m rather indifferent. Being the typical guy that I am, I went ahead and used it without reading the instructions. It was pretty straight forward and seemed to be quite easy to use. In the end, I ended up with a surface that represented the blank of the part I was using. From this, I could generate a report showing me any thinning issues I might have. Again, I’ve never needed, or had a use for, this kind of information so I can’t speak to the validity of the report. I can tell you this, BLANKWORKS’ (I don’t know why they capitalize it…) feature claims seem to be right on.

The one strange thing that I did find was when I actually did go through their tutorial. I followed the instructions to the letter and it ended up not working…no wonder men never read the instructions…

If anyone out there has a use for an add-on like this and would like me to try out something specific, I have 18 days left on the license…

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