I’ve talked about SolidMentor a couple of time before here, but I’m going to do it again. Ben Eadie, the creator of SolidMentor, has opened up the site to the general public and, as bait, is giving away to signed copies of The SolidWorks Bible. Both are excellent resources for SolidWorks users. Ben has done a terrific job of building SolidMentor into a site full of great content. There’s a forum, a SolidWiki, a calendar of upcoming events and an area that compiles blogs and podcasts for, and about, SolidWorks. Even this incredibly awesome blog is in there.
Most everybody has heard about the SolidWorks Bible authored by the exalted Matt Lombard. If you haven’t, what rock have you been under? Matt is one of the people I most admire in the SolidWorks community. Between his blog, Matt Writes, the bible, his participation in user group meeting, and his incredible knowledge of all things SolidWorks, Matt is an incredible resource unto himself. Don’t let the fact that he looks like one of the Geico cavemen intimidate you. This guy knows his stuff.
You need to go and check out SolidMentor. Become a part of the community. Help build the SolidWiki, participate in the forums.There is also a section in the forum for you to submit questions for
the "Stump The Chump" breakout session at SolidWorks World. Ben, again,
organized this session where a panel of experts (Ben, Matt, Rob
, Lenny Kikstra, Lou Gallo), and me (God only knows why I was
asked to participate!), are going to field questions from the audience.
We’re also going to take pre-submitted questions and this is where the
forum comes into play. Go to SolidMentor and submit your question. Share your knowledge and experience. As Ben likes to say, "Imagine the world if knowledge was shared and not sold."

SWIFT Technology Matures

Posted on October 9th, 2007. Posted In SolidWorks Community

Turbo_3 It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything with some substance…I have posted something with substance before, haven’t I?

Anyway, now that I’ve had some time to settle into my new job (which, by the way, I really love!), it’s time to get back to it. Have you messed around with SolidWorks 2008? Have you seen Instant 3-D? Have you seen how little you need to move your mouse around? Did you see the Yankees lose last night? Oops, my mind wandered.

How about the whole dissection tool? How sweet is it that you can grab a feature you previously created and drop it into the part you’re presently working on? How about double-clicking on a sketch to edit it? Click out in the field when you’re done editing and it closes the editor. Select a segment of the sketch and pull on that arrow and you have your extrusion. Hold down ‘M’ while doing it and you end up with a mid-plane extrude. 

Didn’t make that extrusion wide enough? No worries, just select a face and drag the handle(s). Yes, you can snap to that scale and it is accurate! Doh! What do you mean that boss was supposed to be a cut? Fuhgeddaboudit! Just grab that face and drag it in the opposite direction and, viola, it’s a cut and yes, the fillet at the base will update (correctly) as well.

To top it all off, SP0.0 of ’08 seems as stable as SP0.0 ’07 was, and that’s pretty damn stable. I know, I know, the rule of thumb is to wait until SP1.0 but, I’m tellin’ ya, in my opinion you’d be just fine with SP0.0. Yes, I know my opinion isn’t worth squat, but I’m just sayin’…

It’s official…I’m a chump

Posted on October 1st, 2007. Posted In SolidWorks Community

If you read Richard Doyle’s blog, you already know this, but I’m a chump. In his most recent post, "Stump the Champs at SolidWorks World", Richard talks about one of the many breakout sessions that will be held. Richard, ever the kind one, is calling us champs, but that has yet to be proven. Ben Eadie (the brainiac behind SolidMentor) has put together a panel of "chumps" for people to throw questions at. Our task is to answer said questions. Aside from myself, and I question why I’m up there except for comic relief, Matt Lombard, Rob Rodriguez, Lou Gallo, Ricky Jordan and Lenny Kikstra will be in the line of fire.
Even though Richard has already called us "champs" he did throw out a challenge. Be the first one to stump the panel, and you’ll get the honor of handing each of us an autographed copy of "SolidWorks for Dummies". How’s that for motivation?

Two quick items:

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