Out of the Darkness

Posted on June 13th, 2008. Posted In SolidWorks Community

I have returned to the light. After experiencing life on the reseller side of things, I’m returning to where I should have stayed…as a user. What does this mean for all of you? Many more postings full of my wit, charm and insight. I don’t plan on too many product reviews, but more about SolidWorks, and it’s add-ins.

I’m really looking forward to starting my new position on June 30th. Between now and then, I’m hoping to revamp my blog; give it a polishing. So be patient and let all your friends know that the brainwashing didn’t work!

Another Chapter Begins

Posted on June 4th, 2008. Posted In Personal

One week ago, today, I was let go from my position as a SolidWorks AE. Honestly, I wasn’t overly surprised by it and, coincidentally, I’d been looking for another position anyway. (I could go off on a rant right now about the whole situation, but it would serve no purpose.) While I enjoyed being an AE, I didn’t like certain aspects of the company I was working for so, ultimately, it’s for the best. One of the good things about it is I can look for a new position freely, without having to do it on the "downlow". I will say, though, I hate job hunting and all that goes along with it. I know that I don’t interview well, which causes a bit of consternation when I do go to interview. Usually, I’m up front about it so the interviewer knows before-hand. My hope here is that they won’t be too critical afterwards. I don’t know that it actually works or not…

Anyway, I know it’s been a while since I posted anything worthwhile, but I plan to get back on the horse soon and regale you all with witty posts. So, be patient my loyal reader (not a typo by the way), I’ll be back soon.

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