Just a bunch of random Tips & Tricks

I’ve been slammed at work lately, but knew that I should come up with some sort of a post. How about a bunch of random SolidWorks tips & tricks.

  • Holding ‘Ctrl’ and dragging a part in an assembly will copy the part. This is true if you click on the part in the tree or the graphics area. You can do the same with a sub-assembly out of the tree.
  • Hold ‘Ctrl’ and dragging a plane will create a quick parallel copy of said plane.
  • Dynamic Line/arc creation – Hover over the line endpoint to switch to the arc tool, or press ‘A’ to alternate between the two.
  • F9 will hide the FeatureManager, F10 will hide the toolbars, F11 hides all.
  • F5 turns your selection filter toolbar on and off. F6 clears enabled filters.
  • Holding down ‘Shift’ while dimensioning arcs will auto dim to ‘Max’.
  • If you use the ‘Shell’ command without selecting a face, you’ll create a hollow part.
  • Use Multi-mate to speed up mate creation in assemblies.
  • Did you know that you can rotate, in 3D, a view in a drawing?
  • Use a surface cut to quickly remove half of a model.

Ok, that’s it for now. Just a quick post!


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    June 16, 2009 · Posted in SolidWorks Community, SolidWorks Tips  


    • http://solidworksheard.com gol10dr

      Great tips Jeff. Keep um coming buddy!

    • http://WWW.BARRY-WEHMILLER.COM Rod_Uding

      Thanks for the “F” key one on the filters, did not know that one.

    • http://www.solidsmack.com Josh M

      Thanks man, i like the quick simple stuff like this. I need to take some examples from you!

    • Jeff Mirisola

      Thanks, Josh. Coming from you, that’s quite the compliment.

    • Jeff Mirisola

      No worries, Rod. Just trying to help out!

    • Jeff Mirisola

      I’m trying, Lou, I’m trying.

    • http://sw.fcsuper.com/ fcsuper

      This was random. :)

    • http://sw.fcsuper.com/ fcsuper

      This was random. :)

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