Go ahead, make our day!

Posted on December 2nd, 2009. Posted In SolidWorks Community

As I mentioned in my last post, Stump the Chumps II is on! Also, there’s a couple of more chumps that have joined us. I guess it would make sense to introduce you to everyone:

  • Matthew Lorono
    Matthew’s experience with SolidWorks starts in 1998 with a strong focus on streamlining drafting activities.  He has worked in the industrial mass flow, semiconductor and medical devices sectors since 1991.  He is the owner and primary author of SolidWorks Legion blog. He has also presented at SolidWorks Technical Summit and has attended three SolidWorks Worlds.
  • Rob Rodriguez
    Rob is the owner of Axis CAD Solutions LLC. A CAD services company specializing in rendering and animation of SolidWorks data. A CSWP since 2004. Rob is a regular speaker at SolidWorks events nationwide. Visit his website at www.robrodriguez.com
  • Lou Gallo
    Lou is the SolidWorks HEARD! blogger and a podcaster on everything SolidWorks and CAD related tech. Visit his site at http://solidworksheard.com. Twitter: @gol10dr or @solidworksheard
  • Josh Mings
    Josh smells of woodchips and writes about SolidWorks, Product Design and related Tech for Solidsmack.com
  • Ben Eadie, A.E.T.
    Ben is an Aeronautical/Mechanical designer, Web designer, Social Media developer, Podcaster and blogger. He’s the brains behind SolidJott.com and the talent in front of the camera for Mechanicalmashup.tv.
  • Alex Ruiz
    Blogger for The SolidWorks Geek and SolidWorks Geeks. Alex is also the author of SolidWorks 2010: No Experience Required.
  • Bill Briggs
    Bill is a Sr. Technical Support Engineer at SolidWorks, working primarily with the SolidWorks PDM products. Bill enjoys writing custom applications using the SolidWorks API and developing innovative tools to assist with the daily tasks of technical support engineers.
  • Ricky Jordan
    Ricky is a Senior Mechanical Engineer and the author of rickyjordan.com, a SolidWorks blog. Ricky has been active in the SolidWorks community for years as a user, blogger, group leader and a speaker at numerous SolidWorks Worlds. He’s also married to Christy Jordan, author of SouthernPlate.com, which makes him the most well-fed member of the panel.
  • Joy Garon
    Joy, a Certified SolidWorks Professional, has been involved in the CAD industry for over 25 years. Joy currently serves as Sr. Training Specialist at SolidWorks and has many years of experience in product data management (PDM) software product management.
  • Phil Sluder
    Phil is mechanical engineer, owner of TriAxial Design and Analysis, Certified SolidWorks Instructor, Certified SolidWorks Professional, a longtime member of the SWUGN committee, leader of the San Diego SolidWorks User Group.
  • Jim Wilkinson
    Jim is the Director of User Experience at DS SolidWorks Corp. Manages groups within SolidWorks doing interaction/UI design, UI development, end user documentation, and localization of software/documentation into 13 languages. Previously managed product definition and technical support groups at SolidWorks. Has been at SolidWorks since January 1996 and was first technical support engineer for the product and first CSWP.
  • Charles Culp
    Charles is a Design Engineer for Essex Industries, a St Louis based aerospace and defense manufacturer. I design ergonomic hand controls for fighter and commercial airplanes, and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Missouri-Rolla.
  • Jeff Mirisola
    Then there’s me, the ultimate chump. My pedigree is nothing compared to my fellow chumps. I’m a CSWP, a former SolidWorks AE and currently employed as a CAD Administrator/Designer for Ultimate Survival Technologies in Monroe, Washington. I’ve been using SolidWorks since ’98. Not to state the obvious, but I also write this blog. This will be my 5th SolidWorks World, first as a presenter.

Unlike the session two years ago, we’re taking questions prior to the session. This will serve two purposes:
1 – It will allow us to, hopefully, answer more questions than two years ago.
2- It will allow us to answer obscure/difficult/impossible questions without getting bogged down.

Yes, we will be taking live questions, but we’re still working on the ‘how’ aspect of it. So, for those of you who would like to have your question answered by the chumps, simply send your question to stumpthechumps@gmail.com. Obviously, the more detailed the better (pictures, files, etc.)

If you have any general questions regarding the session, outside of ‘how do I…’ questions, feel free to post them here.