Back in June, I posted a quick SolidWorks T & T post that seemed to be well received, so I figured I’d post another one.

  • ‘Ctrl’+8 will change view to Normal to. Hitting it again will flip to the opposite side.
  • F5 turns your filter toolbar on/off. F6 clears enabled filters.
  • To created geometry without snapping, hold down ‘ctrl’ before or after dragging to disable inferencing.
  • Repair broken sketch relationships by dragging, or manually repair by using relations.
  • Name your features, it’ll make your life easier down the road.
  • If working in a multi-user environment, enable multi-user environment to receive update notices (Tools->options->collaboration).
  • If you use variations of the same part, you owe it to yourself to check out DriveWorksXpress.
  • Always use fully defined sketches. Trust me.

Tips & Tricks sessions are always popular at SWUG meetings and at SolidWorks World. It looks like there’s a least 5 different T&T sessions at SWW’10. If you’re planning on attending, make sure you get there early, you’ll want to be able to take notes.

  • Douglas Merkley

    Nice tips! I’ve been using Solidworks for 7 years and I learn a couple of things from your tips.

    • JeffMirisola

      Glad that I could help!