Mechanical Mashup Contest

Posted on July 14th, 2010. Posted In Software Review

First, I should ask if you’ve heard of Mechanical Mashup. No? It’s another one of Ben Eadie’s ideas, he of SolidMentor and SolidJott fame. Mechanical Mashup is for the DIY’ers out there. From their ‘About’ page:

This site is for you if….

-If you own something that you can’t wait for it to break so you can open it up to see how it works.
-If you see something like a studio light for $500.00 and know immediately how to make it for under $50.00
-If you would rather spend 5 hours making something you can buy for $10; just for the experience.
-If every time your friends see you they ask “what crazy thing are you making now?”.
-If everyone else sees a pile of garbage and you see a motor, some scrap material and the perfect stuff for something else you just haven’t thought of yet.
-If your garage only sees a car when you are doing work on it
-If you could get away with not handing out candy at Halloween and people would still come to see your place.

You should check it out. Not only is the stuff they do pretty cool, but they’re running a contest with the winner getting a 3D Print of something they, the winner, designed. If you have an idea, but no way to design it, Ben will cough up 8 hours of his time (and with the Canadian dollar being fairly strong, that’s a good deal). Details for the contest are here. You’ll have to listen to Ben’s Canadian accent, sans subtitles, but you should be ok.

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