2011 Part II – No more shiny stuff

Posted on September 6th, 2010. Posted In Software Review

That’s what customers are saying, according to Shaun Murphy, no more bells and whistles. What does that mean for the development folks at SolidWorks? It means they’re going back into the code to make it better, more robust. To that end, a major focus for the 2011 release was lowering the memory footprint.

We’ve all been kicked in the ass by the memory foot. I can’t imagine that there are many who haven’t received the ‘low resource’ error message. Shaun says that the internal memory management has been improved so that we won’t be subject to that message nearly as often. One thing for everyone to remember here is that SolidWorks is a Windows based software, so it is, therefore, subject to the follies of Windows. This means that there will still be memory usage similar to what you see in MS Office. The longer it’s open, the more resources get used. 2011 is going to lengthen the amount of time you need between restarts. Yup, that’s a good thing. Really, how can you complain about that? For years, people have been screaming for this, so if anyone complains, I’ll be sending Josh your way to headbutt you.

Another improvement they made was holding 2011 SP0 to the stability and performance of 2010 SP4.0. While there will be those who cringe at the thought, but I’m happy with it. I’ve been an early adopter for years, anyway. The fact that I have less to worry about just makes me happier, and, contrary to popular beliefs, I like to be happy.

  • Headbutts, as always, are free of charge. Great write-up el Jeffe. I’ve notched some difference with 2011 for sure. Did they mention specifics on what they’ve done? Is it across the board – SolidWorks, sim, pdm, pv360?

    • Anonymous

      If he did mention the ‘how’, I either missed it or didn’t understand it. Probably the latter…
      As I understand, though, the change is buried within SolidWorks, so I would assume it propagates to its associated addins.

    • Jsweeney

      SolidSmacks and SolidHeadButts!