I was one of the lucky ones to be flown to Concord, put up in a hotel and fattened up on some great food last week. So much for the diet I’ve been so strictly sticking to. Although, being able to go home, see family and friends, enjoy a few cups of Dunkins and get to hang out with the peeps at SolidWorks makes falling off the diet wagon worth it. (Yes, Mr. FTC man, SolidWorks did pay for my airfare, hotel and some meals).

Where do I begin? I know that you’ve heard about all the good stuff already. Ricky has posted about them. Matt has been posting almost non-stop. Matt Lombard, Gabi, Jason and Brian are all in on it, too. What could I possibly add to the mix? How about just my opinions on all that I saw and heard? After all, who doesn’t want to hear my opinion?

In an effort to do everyone justice, I’ll be breaking this up into a few posts. I’m sure that most of you are like me, all it takes is for one shiny thing to totally

  • Chris Bayne

    …one shiny thing to totally…what?

    Is this one of those “finish the story” games?

  • Fcsuper

    Chris, no. one shiny think distracted him from finishing the post. Funny…though my brain forces me to the reality of the fact that he was undistracted enough to is the Post button, which means he couldn’t have possibly been distracted and that the joke is just that a joke and it isn’t so funny, even if it is funny initially, I mean, w