This past Friday, I spent the day at Z Corporation and SolidWorks. It was my first time actually visiting Z Corp, and I was excited for it. So much so, that I got my days messed up and actually went down Thursday. Sucks getting old…Anyway, Julie Reece, Z Corp’s Director or Marketing Communication, was kind enough to be my hostess and show me around their facility. Naturally, one thing that dominated the office landscape was 3D prints. There were¬† shoes and skulls and girls, oh my!




I’d love to know who got to scan that last one…

Ok, back on track. Something I didn’t realize was that Z Corp actually builds and ships right from their offices in Burlington. While the parts to make the printers are outsourced, everything is assembled and tested on site. They’ve even won an award for Lean Manufacturing. The culture in the office is very casual, as it appeared to me. Even their CEO, John Kawola, is a member of the cubicle farm. Quite refreshing in this age of executive excess.

Julie began to talk to me about “the video”, and how it had brought out a lot of curiosity seekers. I had to stop her and admit that I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Turns out that National Geographic’s Known Universe did a story on Z Corporation and their printing capabilities. This ended up bringing out the curious and disbelievers. One guy even showed up at Z Corp’s office just to find out if what he saw was real. This technology, which so many of us are familiar with, is completely alien to the vast majority of non-engineer/designers out there. My Dad saw a clip about it on the local news (he lives in Maine), and likened Z Corp’s printers to Star Trek’s “Replicator”. Sorry, Dad, they’re getting closer but you still can’t get it to make a steak. For those of you who haven’t seen the video, here it is:

If you find yourself in the Boston area with nothing to do, get in touch with Julie. I’m sure she’d love to show you all that Z Corp can do for you.

Deelip Menezes – Goa’s CAD Cop

Posted on August 16th, 2011. Posted In Interview

20110822-111200.jpgDeelip Menezes, of, started out as an Mechanical/software engineer who wanted to use his domain name for good. Unfortunately, he fell a bit short of his goal…
I kid, of course. Deelip’s blog is widely read and he is a well respected member of the CAD blogging community. How did he get to this vaunted level? To answer that question, we’ll need to climb into the DeLorean and go back in time (collective groan).

Deelip graduated with his BSME from Goa Engineering College in 1997. Upon graduation, he went to work for Automobile Corporation of Goa as a mechanical and software engineer. He was hired to create and maintain a system that would automatically create drawings of the bus parts created by ACG.

In 1999, he and a friend started Floating Point Solutions where they developed custom CAD software for companies around the globe. They also started Equinox, a company that created custom business software for the Indian market. They parted ways in 2004, and that’s when Sycode came into being. After starting Sycode, Deelip changed course and stop outsourcing and started developing products and technologies. He considers it the best business decision he made. Had he not created all the IP that he did, 3D Systems would never have paid the gazillion dollars for Sycode that they did.

Fast forward to 2006. Deelip had the domain, but was unsure of what to do with it. After an all night drinking binge, he was visited by a ghostly apparition that bade him to write about CAD and then guided him to where he signed up for an account (Um, I may have embellished a bit there). The topic at the time was the fight between AutoDesk and the ODA. Deelip weighed in with his two cents, people responded and, voila!, was off and running. Deelip now covers any and all happenings in the CAD community. Some of his recent posts The Fuss about Creo’s old UI, GrafiCalc at half the Price, and AutoDesk 123D Sculpt.

Unlike me, Deelip is an intelligent man and it comes through in his posts. I’ve never gotten the impression that he just pulls information out of thin air. He writes well has no problems

I asked Deelip about Goa, as I had absolutely no idea about it.

  • It was ruled by the Portugese, not the British.
  • Half the population is Roman Catholic, the other half Hindu
  • It’s a beach resort
  • The British, Russians and Israelis love to vacation there.

Deelip equates Goa to Hawaii, which makes it sound idyllic.
These days, Deelip is busy setting up 3D Systems Asia. Right now he’s hiring people and moving to a new office space. In the near future he expects to be managing various teams as the country head of 3D Systems. He also e pecks that he’ll be doing less traveling abroad and more within India.
Here’s a tidbit of info about Deelip: all of this started with a loan he got from his father to buy a laptop back in 1999. Now look at him, he’s a gazillionaire!

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