With my crap-tastic memory I can’t remember when I first met Matt, but I do know it was out on the internet. Matt’s been an active member of the SolidWorks community for years contributing in the various fora out there and through his blog, SolidWorks Legion.

Matt was a very driven teenager, unlike many of today’s youth. This drive had him graduating high school at 16 with his career path already figured out. He went to a Silicon Valley trade school, on a full scholarship, to learn Mechanical Drafting. By the time he was 18, he’d graduated and was a Document Control Clerk. For some reason, I’m picturing him in plaid high-waters, short-sleeved button-down shirt and black-framed glasses…

As time progressed, he drafted less and designed more. From there it became more engineering than design. Eventually, someone pinned the title ‘Engineer’ to him and it stuck. Like me, he didn’t relish the title but couldn’t shake it off either. C’est la vie.

As Matt’s career continued to grow, he began participating in the SolidWorks community. Initially he was looking for tips and tricks, macro and anything else that could help him streamline his designs. As has happened to others, he was inexplicably¬† driven to start a SolidWorks based website, which then morphed into his blog. Matt has remained a fixture in the SolidWorks community since then. He’s also had the opportunity to attend SolidWorks World as a customer, a presenter, a member of the press and as an employee. He’s pretty much covered all the bases.

These days find Matt on the other side of the design plate, designing the design software. Frankly, I think that is friggin’ cool, especially where Matt is a long time user of SolidWorks. It gives him a unique perspective on things and which will translate into some new or improved functionality in drawings. If you’ve seen any of the drawing improvements in 2013, you can thank Matt for them.

Outside of work, Matt is still exploring his new digs on the east coast. That’s all I could get out of him, though it could be all that he does…


Picture stolen from Charles Culp via the SolidWorks Forums.




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