A CSWP at the CSWE Party

Posted on January 24th, 2013. Posted In SolidWorks Community

Sometimes life gives you lemons, other times it gives you Bacardi and coke. Monday, at SolidWorks World 2013, it gave me the latter.
I remember being bummed when I heard that there would no longer be a CSWP event at SolidWorks World. It had become too large, apparently. I’d have to say that it was SolidWorks’ fault for giving away the exam, but I’m just a bitter, old-school, 8-hour-exam-that-I-paid-for guy. Nonetheless, budgetary concerns meant scaling back the event. So, the certification team made the logical decision to have an event just for the CSWEs.
Me being me, I told Mike Puckett that I’d just crash the party, I’m press and we can go anywhere! Of course this was met with a resounding “no you can’t.” So much for that idea. Honestly, I understood but that didn’t stop me from giving Mike a bit of grief here and there. Mike is a good guy and took it in stride, knowing that I was just giving him a hard time. Tonight, Mike caught me off guard. I was planning on going back to my room to rest my weary feet when I saw him in the partner pavilion. He made me an offer: he’d invite me to the CSWE party if I would write about it and agree to earn my CSWE before SolidWorks World 2014. How could I say no? And that’s how a CSWP ended up at the CSWE party.
From what I understand, there were about 800 people at the CSWP event last year. Tonight, there were 250 people that attended, but only 200 were CSWE’s. The rest were VIPS’s of some standing and, of course, me.
As has become the norm for events such as this, there was plenty of food, beer and wine and, also as usual, the food was excellent. Honestly, I’m always amazed at how good the food is at the events where it’s such huge volumes cooked all at once and then served in warming trays over those candle things whose proper name escapes me (I seriously should go get a brain scan or something, my mind is turning to mush).
I’d say the only downside to the evening was the music. Too loud and, frankly, the band wasn’t that good. I wasn’t the only one to express that sentiment either. I can’t help but think that a DJ would be a better way to go. Ooh, karaoke! Now that would make for a fun event!
There was a race theme to this year’s event, so there were video game stations throughout, as well as an RC car track. Contrary to what Daniel Herzberg thought, they were quite easy to drive. He was actually so bad at it that I question his overall ability to drive and am thankful that I don’t live near him.
While the event was fun, I think they should look at something other than video games next year. Sumo wrestling? A dunk tank staffed by DS employees? We’ll be in San Diego, how about a surf machine?