SolidWorks World ’13 – Go Pats,

Posted on January 21st, 2013. Posted In Personal,SolidWorks Community

It’s Sunday at SolidWorks World 2013 and I’m well rested and not hung over. Considering the day I had yesterday, that actually started Friday, I’m doing well. It’s probably a blessing in disguise that a certain CAD journalist from England was unable to make the trip.
Today is an easy day for most people. There are those who have signed up for roundtable discussions, or are Dassault employees that have to work, but most people just need to register and explore. For me, I’ll be spending a couple of hours with my parents; They spend the winter down here and we’re going to lunch.after lunch, some rest and then the Patriots game. It’s now Monday, and I’m in mourning.
I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and the first general meeting. They’re always exciting!

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