SolidWorks World – Tuesday

Posted on January 22nd, 2013. Posted In SolidWorks Community

I’m quite sure that any number of bloggers and reporters will be talking about today’s general session and how SolidWorks has had a hand in designing Skynet and how our future robot overlords/killers have become aware. Where I feel like some sort of accomplice, I apologize. I also am not going to rehash the coolness that was the autonomous robot quadropters or the fact that a life-like robotic bird flew RIGHT OVER ME. I spent too much time tweeting to take good notes, and missed the press conference to go support Richard Doyle.
What I do want to talk about is all the coolness I’ve seen these past two days in the Partner Pavillion. I’ll have full-blown reviews coming in the next days and weeks, but here are some teasers:
– Mcor and their 3D Printer that uses paper and glue as their media.
– Boxx says they’re going to send me a machine comparable to the Xi I have at work to do a comparison. Hoping to talk them into a laptop to compare to my Dell.
– New info from Draftsight that I’ll be writing up.
– Totally cool tech from zSpace
– Hoping to get some more details from Keyshot
– SolidProfessor is sending me info on their new stuff
In a nutshell, Jeff’s Tool Shed is being brought back from the brink of death. Stay tuned!

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