Stranger in a Strange Land – Day 1, Act II

Posted on June 25th, 2013. Posted In Software Review

My takeaway from this morning, sad though it may be, is that SolidEdge is obsessed with SolidWorks. Specifically, SolidWorks’ customers. I heard no other SolidEdge competitor named. That’s just my perception, however, and it may be a bit biased (though I don’t think so). I can understand it, SolidWorks is a huge target, but one would think Inventor would be in the crosshairs as well.
At lunch, there was a Q & A session for the press with all the muckety-mucks. It was here that I was introduced to Karsten Newbury, SVP and GM of SolidEdge. I was tempted to ask him what the deal was regarding SolidWorks, but he mentioned he’d like to chat later, so I put off asking him, for now.
I did pose the question to another SE employee, who shall remain anonymous, and their response was “wouldn’t you go after number one?” (I paraphrased, but that was the gist.) yes, I would, but singling them out in your presentation seems trite. Again, maybe it’s just me.
I’ll be asking Karsten the question tonight, when we go to the aquarium. I’ll also be doing my best from stopping a certain journalist from kicking penguins.

  • dezignstuff


    I’ve heard that the greatest source of new customers comes from 2D. I can’t attribute that to anyone, but it’s just something I’ve heard.

    If you don’t know why a CAD company trying to gain customers would target SW users, you’re not paying attention.

    • JeffMirisola

      I completely get it and I agree with it, too. However, making it part of your user conference doesn’t make sense. Save it for your marketing campaign. I know that I’d be just as annoyed if SolidWorks was constantly harping about how they’d stolen x number of customers from Inventor.