The Journey from user to CSWE

Posted on January 28th, 2014. Posted In SolidWorks Community

When my journey started, I didn’t know it would end up here. Mostly because “Certified SolidWorks Expert” didn’t exist, but also because, at the time, SolidWorks was simply a means to an end. (Cue “back in time” special effects). […Read More…]

Infinite Skills Learning

Posted on January 3rd, 2014. Posted In Software Review

I’ve often heard people ask about SolidWorks training and what the best path is: VAR, self-learning, technical school, online or on-the-job. They all have their pros and cons, but I’m not going to debate them here, again. I’ve said many times that I think online training is the way to go, and I firmly believe that. However, should you want to hire me to provide you with some customized training… […Read More…]

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