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Posted on January 3rd, 2014. Posted In Software Review

I’ve often heard people ask about SolidWorks training and what the best path is: VAR, self-learning, technical school, online or on-the-job. They all have their pros and cons, but I’m not going to debate them here, again. I’ve said many times that I think online training is the way to go, and I firmly believe that. However, should you want to hire me to provide you with some customized training…

Anyway, I’ve spoken with the folks over at Infinite Skills a few times about my doing some training videos for them, but it’s never quite worked out, usually do to my schedule. That being said, they did ask me to check out their offerings and weigh in with my opinion, which is the ultimate reason for this post. I’ve spent a few hours this morning looking around and watching some of their videos to get a feel for how things are. For their newer SolidWorks videos, Infinite Skills recruited a couple of CSWEs, Matthew Perez and Dean Kerste, to create them. Matt Lombard and Alex Ruiz worked on earlier videos. One can’t really argue with the credentials of any of these authors, so let’s talk about the meat of the videos.

Infinite Skills has over 23,000 videos covering everything from Microsoft Office to 3D to programming and everything in between. For those wanting to learn about SolidWorks, they have 11 video series for a total of 723 lessons. A fairly impressive amount, dating back to SolidWorks 2011, including videos on advanced topics like surfacing and weldments. Each video is broken down into chapters, which are then broken down into easy to digest bites. They’re laid out logically, and the authors take their time and provide a lot of detail with each step.

Overall, Infinite Skills just reinforces my opinion that online training is the way to go. You can spend $25/month for unlimited access to their complete library, or jump in and pay $250 for a one-year subscription. Somehow, I think the ROI is easily justifiable to the bean-counters and check-writers. Just my simple opinion.

As I’ve said many times before, I wish all these training resources were available when I started out. Things would have been so much easier.

  • Matt Perez

    Thanks Jeff. It’s been nice creating some content for IS and look forward to lots of great Solidworks content in the future from their offerings!

    • JeffMirisola

      Thanks for reading, Matt!