Right, talk about dragging my heels on this one…

Since I wrote Part I of this SolidWorks 2016 review, the SolidWorks forums have been  blown up by users who are absolutely livid with SolidWorks and the new UI. The vast majority of the complaints are about the colors, or the lack of them. Where I don’t feel that I’ve been adversely affected by the changes, I’ve spent (too much) time defending the changes as well as the UX team. I suspect there are those who think I write what I write because I’m some sort of suck-up to the powers-that-be at SolidWorks. However, anyone who knows me knows I have no qualms speaking my mind when I don’t like something and have taken SolidWorks to task in the past. Most recently over the whole subscription debacle.

For the most part, users only see the visual changes and not all the underlying code changes. The UX team expended a lot of time and effort to clean up the code that makes up SolidWorks, stripping away 20+ years of code that created complexities that made life difficult for coders and users alike. By removing old code and adding new code, the UX were able to some of what was broken and provide a means to allow for quicker changes to the UI in the future. An example of the latter was the added color schemes that came out during Beta after user complaints about lack of color.

At this point, people need to calm down, put the pitchforks away and show a bit of patience. SolidWorks has heard their complaints and are working to address them. To expect some sort of immediate change is just asinine. It took 18+ months to create the new UI that not everybody hates. If it were a “quick fix”, as some have claimed it should be, it would be done. Contrary to what the loudest voices may think and say, SolidWorks does listen and do want their users to be happy, except when it comes to getting Jessica Alba as a speaker at SolidWorks World.

As the old saying goes: You can please some of the people all of the time…


I guess this wasn’t much of a review, though I’m sure from it’s tone you can tell that I do like SolidWorks 2016.


  • Glenn

    Hello Jeff,

    I like a lot about SW2016 also, and was glad to see Tom Spine’s post on the Forum. He said that many of the concerns will be addressed with sp3.0.
    ps. Maybe next year for Jessica Alba. I suspect the line at her selfie booth would be even longer than at Deepak’s.

  • diverso

    Yeah of the stuff (people) on the forum is just childish fits, not constructive feedback or feedback at all.