Actually, it’s only been three months since my last post, but that is too long. I’m sure that you’ve been missing my words of wisdom. In my defense, I have been traveling quite a bit this year. By that, I mean a lot. If my guesstimate is correct, I’ve flown almost 80,000 miles. Sadly, all of it, save for SolidWorks World, has been for work. I’ve lucked out and been able to do some sightseeing on many of my trips, so that’s been cool.

What is it that finally got me to come out of my shell and write a post? The release of SolidWorks 2017 Beta, that’s what. Granted, I can’t actually talk about 2017, but it is the impetus of this post.

I’ve been meaning to climb onto my soapbox for months now regarding the hullabaloo that occurred with 2016 and it’s new look. And, more to the point, the manner in which people responded when SolidWorks began to make changes to the colors to pacify those who had been so greatly offended by the change. There had to have been at least four different posts on the SolidWorks Forums, each beating the same dead horse over and over and over again. There were assumptions being thrown about, personal attacks, much finger wagging and pointing and, basically, a whole bunch of whining. While said posts garnered quite a few responses (hundreds, actually), many of those responses came from the same posters who kept beating on that poor horse. To their credit, SolidWorks took notice and decided to make changes to return SolidWorks to “the way it was” with regards to colors.

When the first changes were announced, however, so many of those who had pissed and moaned to begin with, pissed and moaned some more. Their biggest complaint? That SolidWorks hadn’t completely changed everything to their liking. As if SolidWorks could simply undo 18+ months of coding in one service pack release. They all seemed so ungrateful. I think what irked me most is they acted as though they were talking for most, if not all, users. Such utter bullshit. Then, when the second round of changes were released, there were still people complaining. Absolutely ridiculous.

Maybe it’s because I like the new color scheme, or maybe it’s because I’m getting old(-ish) and curmudgeony, but I just don’t have time for that crap. There were more than a few times when I wanted to climb on my soapbox and rant in those posts, but I just bit my tongue. I realized that whatever I said would, more than likely, fall on deaf ears. So I’ve ranted a bit here and feel a bit better. Thanks for reading.


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