So You Wanna Get Certified

Posted on August 9th, 2016. Posted In SolidWorks Community

One of the more frequent questions I see on the SolidWorks Forums is regarding how to study to become certified, be it CSWA, CSWP or CSWE. People want to know how to study for them, what they need to be able to do, etc to pass. Here’s the thing: there’s no magic formula. It’ll come down to whether you know what you’re doing or not. Granted, that was a “Captain Obvious” statement, but it’s the truth. You can possess all the confidence in the world with regards to your skills, but whether you pass or not will be telling.

In my humble opinion, the best method to gauging whether you’re ready is to take the practice exam. You should absolutely ace it, with time to spare. If you’re stumbling around, or racing the clock, you’re not ready for the real exam. This shouldn’t get you down, though. It simply means you need to practice more. But, by practice, I don’t mean to keep taking the practice exam. Take real life objects and model them. Check out the tutorials on YouTube or, or utilize SolidProfessor’s CSW_ training. If you just keep taking the practice exam over and over, that’s all you’ll know to do. You need to have a broader range than that for the actual exam.

Another thing, don’t rush to take an exam. They aren’t going away and the more experience you have, the easier it’ll be to pass the first time out. Even if you don’t pass, don’t be upset. There are many of us who needed more than one attempt to get certified. Take the time in between exams to brush up on the areas you didn’t do well in and kick ass next time around.

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