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Posted on January 9th, 2017. Posted In Personal,SolidWorks Community



I guess I’m just stating the obvious here, but Jeff’s Tool Shed is closed for business.

It’s been a great 10-year run, but I just don’t have the time to properly do you, my reader, justice with my (lack of) writing. Somehow, I don’t think sporadic two-paragraph posts about nothing are the way to go. 2017 isn’t┬ájust the end of Jeff’s Tool Shed, though. It will also be when I stop using SolidWorks on an almost daily basis, step down as leader of the Seattle Area SolidWorks Power User Group (we were first, Phil!) and it will be my final SolidWorks World.

Some months ago, I became manager of Technical Services for the company I work for. In a nutshell, I handle all post-sales customer services. These new duties include quite a bit of travel and no design. While I still have some design duties right now, they will be moved to others here in the coming months. This wasn’t a decision that I rushed into, but it is one that I am at peace with. After almost 20 years of using SolidWorks, it will be strange to not be. However, I love my new role here and truly enjoy being able to travel the world and see places I never imagined I would.

SolidWorks World will be rather bittersweet, but I am happy that I’ll be able to hang out with my fellow geeks one last time. I’ve had some incredible times at the 9 I’ve had the pleasure of attending and am looking forward to this last one. I’ve made some good friends because of SolidWorks and I’ll always be thankful for each of you. I would expect a ‘heads up’ if you’re up in Seattle so that we can break bread together and enjoy a drink or two.

Go Pats!!


Jeff – out.

  • Richard Doyle

    Thanks for everything Jeff, we’re sorry to see you go. I’ve enjoyed your writing, your sense of humor, and your passion for the SOLIDWORKS Community. The best part has been your friendship though, and I’m glad that will remain. All the best, Richard.

  • Thanks for all the info you’ve shared over the years Jeff. Going to miss seeing you here. I’ll keep up with you on IG though.

  • Glenn

    I’m glad I got a chance to meet you, and I’ll miss reading your posts. Try to check in at the Forum once in a while.