Where this was my first user convention that had nothing to do with SolidWorks, I was unsure of what to expect. Would it be as big as SWW? Would it be as fun? Would I end up with foot-in-mouth disease? The answers came slowly.

SolidEdge University is a small affair, with about 250 attendees mostly from the US. There were some international travelers, the farthest coming from Australia. They seemed upbeat and happy to be here, but there didn’t seem to be the same level of excitement that one gets at SWW.

There is a general session on the first day where the typical company rhetoric is espoused, followed by keynote speakers and then the “what’s new” segment. I have to apologize here. I had to leave after the first hour. Having been attacked by insomnia the night before, I was in danger of sliding off my seat so I left to go sleep. Definitely not one of the highlights of my burgeoning journalism career. A side note – I don’t know how some of the journalists here do it; up all night drinking and then back in the trenches the next morning. Guess I need to find my inner frat boy and get with the program.

Attendees have 70 different sessions to choose from, covering all aspects of SolidEdge and presented by users and employees, spread out over a day and a half.
The only presentation I went to was the one given by Matt Lombard, SolidEdge’s newest employee. His presentation was about combining history based modeling with synchronous. While there were a couple of good points, much of it was just stating the obvious to me. However, I can’t speak for everyone in attendance.
Having never really looked at SolidEdge, I did swing by their area to get a demo. I have to admit, I found it intriguing. Enough so that I’ll be doing a review of it in the not too distant future. More of a comparison, actually. I know you’ll all be waiting with bated breath.

I did meet some great people, chatted with some I’d only known through Twitter and reconnected with some old friends. Matt is now SolidEdge’s community manager and Christine Longwell works for them as well.

The answers to the questions? No, no and, thankfully, no.


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Once again I find myself flying to a user conference, but it’s not for SolidWorks as had been the norm for the past 8 years is so. No, this time I’m flying to Cincinnati to attend Solid Edge University.
I have to admit to a bit of apprehension; why would Siemens invite me, a lowly blogger who focuses mainly on SolidWorks, to attend their conference? If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d guess they were going to woo me to their side with promises of fame and fortune. Matt Lombard would be the middleman, telling me all about the treasure that would be mine. Thankfully, I’m not. I’m quite sure the reasons are much more innocent than that. I suspect it has something to do with the article a wrote for Develop3d Magazine about 3DSync. I am interested to see how SEU compares to SWW. Honestly, I don’t have a clue about SEU. Yes, I realize I could have investigated it, but where’s the fun in that? I’m making this into an adventure, my own personal safari in the wilds of Cincinnati. Though, had I looked into it a bit, I might have noticed the blurb about “business casual” earlier than when I was at the airport. I hope jeans and t-shirts count as business casual.
I’ll be tweeting and writing about SEU over the next few days while watching out for Lombard bearing gifts.

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It’s Been a While

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I’ve been horrible about writing of late. I could give you a bunch of different reasons, but the main one is I’ve just been focusing on life.

I lost my job back in March, and have been searching for work since then. It’s surprising how busy one becomes when unemployed. Every morning I think about what I need to do that day and then, WHAM!, the day is over and I’ve accomplished nothing on my list. Now, too, I have to get past the cabin fever that is setting in. While I could imagine living the life of the idle rich, living the life of the “I-don’t-want-to-be-idle-my-savings-are-dwindling” isn’t any fun.

I did write a review of Siemen’s 3DSync recently, that will be appearing in Develop3D in the not too distant future. Because of the article, or at least that’s my assumption, I’ve been invited to attend SolidEdge University next week. I’m going, but have absolutely no idea what to expect. The one upside is that I already have a title for my post about it. (If anyone from Cincinnati reads this, what is there to do in Cincinnati?)

I’ve also been approached about some other writing gigs as well as possibly doing some training videos. The articles will appear here, after they’ve been printed, so you’ll end up seeing posts that aren’t SolidWorks related. I do hope you find them interesting, though. I guess things are looking up a little.

If you know of anyone looking for help in the Seattle area, send them my way, would ya? I really want to get back to work full-time. You can point them to my LinkedIn Profile, or just have them email me.

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