I’ve mentioned Fisher/Unitech’s “No Engineer Left Behind” program a couple of times in posts about the SolidWorks Stimulus Plan. However, these guys need to be recongnized as what I think is the most customer-centric SolidWorks VAR.  As mentioned in Desktop Engineering online, Fisher/Unitech is extending their program in conjuction with the SolidWorks Stimulus Program. I would have thought other VARs would have jumped onto this bandwagon by now, but I haven’t heard of any others extending themselves the way Fisher/Unitech has. If you ask me, now is a perfect time to be building relationships with the masses of engineers who have become unemployed lately. At the very least, the word of mouth advertising would certainly help out, especially for those VARs with a less than stellar reputation for customer support.

So, to the whole team at Fisher/Unitech, I applaud you. If I had the means, I’d buy you all a round of drinks too. You guys have raised the bar on customer support.

Engineer Stimulus Package

Posted on February 25th, 2009. Posted In SolidWorks Community

At SolidWorks World 2009, Jeff Ray announced the “Engineer Stimulus Plan”. In a nutshell, SolidWorks will be giving out of work engineers a free seat of SolidWorks. They are still working out the final details of how the plan is going to work, but expect it to launch in Q2 2009 in North America. This is quite the undertaking by SolidWorks. I commend their efforts. I wonder, though, how do you see such a stimulus helping you if you’re unemployed?
Along those same lines, Fisher/Unitech, a SolidWorks reseller, have been running a program of their own. Called ‘No Engineer Left Behind’, they are offering free training, a 30-day eval copy of SolidWorks and the potential of placement with one of their numerous customer. If you’re located in the Midwest, go here for more info. If you ask me, Fisher/Unitech definitely puts the Value in Value Added Reseller. It would be great to see more resellers join in (you reading this, Tom?).

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