Me, coming to a monitor near you.

Posted on January 25th, 2010. Posted In Personal,SolidWorks Community

That’s right, SolidWorks World 2010 is right around the corner. Like so many other SolidWorks addicts, I can’t wait! Thousands of SolidWorks users from around the world all converging upon hapless Anaheim for an orgy of learning, networking and, yes, partying.

This year marks a milestone for me, too. It will be my first time presenting at SolidWorks World outside of Stump the Chumps I 2 years ago. I was nervous enough about it, then I was informed that my session, SolidWorks Crashes & Slowdowns: It’s not always the software’s fault (read: it’s your fault), was going to be streaming L-I-V-E live! Great, now not only can I make a fool of myself in front of a room 1/4 full of people, but potentially hundreds of people online. Great. Just great. I wonder if it’s frowned upon to have a cooler under the podium. You can find out more about all four available webcasts on the SolidWorks World website. I’m willing to bet that the other three are completely worth it.

Thankfully, after that stress inducing session I get a bit of a break before getting together with the rest of the chumps for Stump the Chumps II. (We really should have come up with some sort of cool sequel title. Well, maybe next year.) This years panel may be a bit more subdued than its predecessor, though Mr. Mings is a bit of a wild card. If that doesn’t help to relax me, there’s the big bash that night.

It’s going to be an incredible week. I just wish you could all be there with me.

Stump the Chumps II – It’s on!

Posted on November 19th, 2009. Posted In SolidWorks Community

You read it right, Stump the Chumps will be returning to SolidWorks World. I, for one, couldn’t be more excited! Who is going to be on the panel? Wouldn’t you like to know…

Ok, ok, I’ll let you know who has committed (should be committed?):

  • Rob Rodriguez
  • Josh Mings
  • Alex Ruiz
  • Ben Eadie
  • Charles Culp
  • Mike Puckett
  • Me
  • An un-named SolidWorks employee

Outside of myself, it’s a good panel. I want to make it better though. So, who else would you like to see on the panel? I’m not sure how many more we’ll add, but I’d love to know who you’d like to see.

Also, we’ll be changing the format up a bit. For starters, it’s going to be a 90 minute session this year. Also, we’ll be answering some pre-submitted questions, along with live questions. There will also be a time limit so that we can answer as many questions as possible. More details to follow.

Oh, the session is currently scheduled for Tuesday, 2/2 from 4:30-6. Hope to see a good turn out!

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