It’s like it’s the day after Christmas; all the toys have been played with, food and drink consumed and the relatives have left. Now, I just have this weird empty feeling. Not as bad as losing your best friend, though. Close, but…

As I’ve come to expect, SolidWorks put on a great show. I really liked the layout of the Anaheim Convention Center. I didn’t feel like I had to walk miles to get to wherever my destination was. Which isn’t to say I didn’t do a lot of walking, ‘cause I did. I’m quite confident that I lost a couple of pounds. Well, extremely hopeful anyway. As has become the norm these past few years, I spent more time observing than attending with most of my observing taking place in the Vendor Fair. It’s here that I thank those companies that have given me the opportunity to try out their products, while meeting with new companies. The amount of partner products out there is pretty impressive. There are times when I want to say “there’s an app for that”, then look over my shoulder to be sure the Apple police aren’t coming after me for copyright infringement. This year’s Vendor Fair was well attended by vendors from all segments of the industry: rapid prototyping, CMM, CAM, PLM, PDM, etc. Need a model of a human body for your Weird Science experiment? Zygote has your back (and front…left foot). Design automation? DriveWorks or TactonWorks will duke it out for your business. How about a new computer? Boxx, HP and Dell will regale you with stories of why there PC kicks the other guys’ butt! What about a cool 3D model of your completed Weird Science experiment? Zcorp, Objet or Solido would be more than happy to impart their wondrous knowledge of all that is 3D printing upon you.

One of the greatest things about SolidWorks 2010 was the arena where the general assemblies were held. Rather than a large conference room where the people in back had to stand to see, the Anaheim convention center had an arena with 2nd and 3rd level seating. I think this helped to get everyone “close” to the stage. It also seemed to lessen the running of people to get to the front of the venue. A lot of people seemed quite happy to sit in one of the upper levels. James Cameron was a great choice as the keynote, too. Much better than Wozniak a few years ago.

I’d say my biggest complaint was the Tuesday night event, a complaint that is being voiced by many. It was held in the same huge room that we ate breakfast and lunch in and was really a step down from previous years. An Aerosmith cover band was the entertainment and BBQ was the food. For a 3D software conference event, it was rather one dimensional. Too loud, too dark, too few seats, too few food choices. I’m trying to find out why there was such a deviation from years past. If I get anything, I’ll let you know.

Would any of the above stop me from going to San Antonio next year? Hell no! I think the plusses way outweigh the negatives and wouldn’t miss it for anything. I hope to see you there.

Coming Soon!

Posted on August 25th, 2009. Posted In Software Review,SolidWorks Community

First, I’m back to work. It was a long two months, but I survived. I’m thankful that I didn’t have to go without employment for as long as so many others. Believe me, I didn’t take my job for granted before and I certainly don’t now.

Just like the previews you see, here are some teasers of upcoming reviews that I’m working on:

  • SimpoeWorks – Easy to use injection molding software from Simpoe, a SolidWorks Gold Partner. It’s actually installing while I write.
  • ElecWorks – Software to help ease the pains of routing. From your friends at TraceParts
  • SteelWorks – This hasn’t even been released yet, and they’re gonna let me get my filthy hands on it!
  • TactonWorks – I’ve been talking, peripherally, about TactonWorks for a long time. You’re familiar with knowledge-based engineering, right? Well, so are they and they claim to really know what they’re doing. Time will tell.
  • Adobe – Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. The full-meal deal. There’s a ton of stuff to mess around with here, so it’ll be a bit on this one.
  • There’s also a couple of things brewing from my (solo) trip to SolidWorks. Unless I was lied to, even my fellow bloggers didn’t see/hear some of this <evil laugh>.

I’ve asked this before, but if there’s some companion software that you’re curious about let me know. I’ll see what I can do about trying it out for you.

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